Armageddon Church

Armageddon Church- The ancient Church of Megiddo prison

Photo of the mosaic found in the Megiddo Prison Church

Our mission is to promote Holyland's most ancient Church, recently discovered in Armageddon (in Hebrew language- Megiddo) prison. Armageddon is intended to address the general public, offering a wide range of articles, interviews and updates. We hope you will enjoy the history, the symbolism, the meaning, and lighter sides of this amazing discovery.

We will not focus on the Archaeological aspect (for the Archaeological aspect please visit the Israel Antiquitoes Authority-IAA).
We believe that the ancient Church belongs to no one and to everyone. So, if you have an idea, a thought or an article you wish to share, we will be happy to publish it on our site.

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Read the only article in the internet with the commander of Megiddo prison- read the small stories hidden from the media.

Col. Sharon Shoan.


The ancient Church of Megiddo is on its way to become the Holy Land's hottest tourist site! Read more

The Oldest Churches in the World-  By Gordon Govier, the executive producer of THE BOOK & THE SPADE radio program.

Whether or not the Armageddon Church, as some are calling the Christian ruins found at the Megiddo prison, is the oldest church in the world depends, in part, on how church is defined, and by what may be revealed by further excavation beneath the building's mosaic floors... Read more

Possible origin of the Altar and Communion rite in the Megiddo prison mosaic- An interview with Dan (Danchu) Arnon.

As an experienced guide, I'd like you to share your thoughts regarding the findings of the ancient Church in Megiddo prison. Could you explain the significance of the findings?

I understand that the mosaic mentions a table. I would like to elaborate on the meaning of this finding, but first, perhaps its best to talk about the beginning of Christianity. Perhaps the most important thing about Christianity's origin, is that not much is known about it...  Read more

The significance of the Megiddo prison mosaic- an interview with Dr. Moti Aviam.

What is your professional view on the significance of the findings in Megiddo prison?

The secret of what this room really is, lies in the structure around the mosaic, and in the strata below it. The nature of the structure will tell us whether it is a public or a private praying chamber in a private house. The structures surrounding the room will help determine its true nature... Read more

Translation of the Megiddo Jail mosaic- an article by Bouke Slofstra.

If the Megiddo ruin discovered recently would appear to date to the third century AD, it would be a marvellous find. The site would show us something of the lives of Christian people in the period before Constantine. For example, it would illustrate nicely that early Christian people did not generally share orthodox views on the nature of Jesus, as illustrated by Akeptous... Read more

Where is Megiddo prison?- several maps of Megiddo prison and Israel.
Intersted in breaking out from Megiddo Jail? or just want to learn more about where the most ancient Church in the Holy Land was found...Read more

The humor of Megiddo prison- the lighter side of the Megiddo prison dig.

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The first interview with the new Custos of the Holy Land, Rev. Fr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa ofm. What he thinks of Holyland's ancient Church found in Megiddo prison.

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